The Iron Crown

So this is an idea that has been in my mind for a while. The Iron Crown has some reputation as a map, because it is one of the few maps that allows a player from each race (at start).

But the Iron Crown could be more than that. It could be an actual ‘crown’, hold by a player, in a similar fashion to what happens with the tournament, but better as it would be something meaningful in terms of lore.

Who holds the Iron Crown?
The holder of the crown might be decided on the very same map at nightmare difficulty, for example. I like this idea as it would add a meaningful challenge to more experienced players, but I am clearly missing the fact that it’s a 6 players map. Maybe the crown could be given to each of the winner, thus having a crown holder per race, but I’m not so fond of this idea.

There’s also the weekly tournament, but that’s another story. Sure you could rename it so that the winner is also holder of the crown, but then it won’t be on the iron crown map, which is kind of the point of all this.

Anyway, this was just an idea that I wanted to share with you, so I’d like to know what other players and the devs think.

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