The Marshall's "Raise Militia" Power

The description of the Marshall’s “Raise Militia” power says that it works on any human, elf or dwarf settlement to raise an army without paying the cost. I was on an unowned human settlement but, as expected from the description, I was able to use the Marshall’s power. It took my mana and the town showed the training countdown and icon change (blue dot). Six hours later though, no army appeared and the town’s population did not change; however I still lost my mana. Either an army should have appeared, or I should not have been able to target the town in the first place. If the latter, a description update should be made to indicate that you have to control the town first (it can’t even be neutral, although I would expect it not to work on other player towns).

Yes sorry Dex, I fixed this bug just yesterday but have not yet had a chance to put the new code on the server. I’m still doing some tests to make sure all the changes are stable.

I have fixed it so that it will work on neutral towns so that even if you don’t have the valour for a settlement, you can build up the forces there a little. (But keep in mind that the new army will be neutral as well)


Ah. No problem.
I can go with the raised army being neutral. Thanks for the update.

I forgot to say I fixed it because I was implementing a troll character that does the powers on monsters. I havnt tested at all yet, but I think this guy will be cool.

Haha. That’s a big Kahuna there and he looks mighty fearsome. I like that. Those big creatures cost a lot of gold compared to the units a Marshall will raise. It makes using a card like this (and paying in mana instead) all the more valuable. It is also a lot cheaper (in mana) than a Marshall (at least, than the one I have in play right now; I read that a card will keep it’s ability as it was once it enters the game, so you might have updated that part of the Marshall too).

I think the Marshal is 10 Mana now. I might make it even cheaper if people don’t find him useful enough. There is an Orc version as well for Orcs, Trolls, and Goblins.