The Smulm Cup Tournament


I thought maybe they could get a galactic credit so the winners could buy someone a badge but than I think @Jaykyburz would have to do that manually which I don’t expect him to. I’m pretty sure he can do that as he can give out those shiny tournament competitor and winner badges.


I think it should stay as it is, nice and simple. Ultimately the objective is to whittle the field down for the final showdown. No need to provide incentives along the way.


(Devious Cackle) Oh, I contemplated the top three-16 receiving something special, but I don’t think I am going to do that. The first round is about survival. If anything, I think and encourage you players who are winning to cultivate friends who will owe you one… HehehehaHAHAHAHAHAH!

You are going to need it for round two! Oh, yes. I have decided to be as sadistic as possible with that one… I’m not betting on winning the tournament now, so I assume that means I must pay for the darned stickers. So I might as well have fun watching you lot while I do… (Crazed laughter continues)


Apologies to @Smulm and all for missing the tournament. Life has just been a little busy at the moment and I’m putting enough time into the forums and NP right now.

I don’t mind paying out credits to the winners of each round. I @Smulm could just email me a list of the true aliases of each winner I will quickly run though the list awarding the prizes.

Good luck everybody!


We have our incentive… thanks Jay!


Oh yes, many thanks! :smile:

What about the tournament competition trophies? Are those badges you have to reward as the game administrator?


Tick 214, close to cycle 11:

Nick’s extended to a commanding lead, he and KILLDOZER forming the core of the leading northern alliance!
Trade Fed makes a sizable jump to 3rd place, and Karm rises above me to 4th!

It looks like Dragnar is next on the list for Nick and I have to say, scattershard and butterbutt are in interesting positions… The two big north and south alliances are clear from where I sit, but I have no idea what’s going on between that :stuck_out_tongue:


In other news, in the great ATM war, the Communion continues to persevere in the face of intense competition. Who will be ultimate $$$ $lave?


Are you too becoming a ATM? The Communion of Minds reduced a worker of a larger empire. Truly sad.


At tick 100000000(binary), Nick is up to 102 stars and his alliance has a dominating advantage. Will still take him a while to get to 276 stars, but 7 players are eliminated with 6 others below 10 stars. Just noticed that Communication of Minds got wiped out … no respect for the game creator - D’OH! :wink:

@Smulm - how about an early heads-up on your devious plans for round #2?


that is tick 256,

This game has custom settings 32 players, 32 stars/player, 12.4 LY between HWs, 33% victory. I estimate this requires typically 42 days to complete, so still needs 32 days after 10 days have past. Stronger veterans need less time, also depends on the strengths of opposition that Nick runs into, but in this case, I am betting that he needs much less time. Still, anything can happen.

Communion of Minds has 0 stars, 6 carriers with 497 ships. He still might land somewhere, and find Obi-Wan Kenobi. HA HA !

However, if he lands on Alderaan . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking about this situation, and emailed @JayKyburz , but he has not replied back to me.

If @Smulm wins one of the top 16 positions, then this tournament proceeds normally. Smulm would probably create a custom password accessed private dark start 16 player map. The password will restrict this private galaxy only to tournament round 2 competitors.

If @Smulm does not win one of the top 16 positions, then this tournament needs some adjustments. Smulm could probably create a custom password accessed private dark start 20 player map, which would have 16 competitor empires, plus 4 non-participating isolated empires that are positioned + / - 60 LY (X & Y) away from the conflicts.

Because of random empire shape & color placements in a dark start galaxy, there is no way to know which 4 empires are isolated away from the 16 competitors. Maybe Jay can see those from the database ? If Jay can see those, he could tell Smulm which ones are isolated, so those 4 empires can be first taken by non combatants. The remaining 16 empires can then be taken by the actual competitors.

Smulm and Jay or myself or someone can take those 4 isolated non participating empires, and the tournament can continue.

Ask one of the top 16 winners to create the next 16 player map, with a password for private tournament access, but this means that Smulm does not become administrator of that galaxy. How would he continue running this tournament ?


All good points, xjhdexter. This was always a problem, originally. Perhaps Jay could set up the galaxy?

For some stupid reason, I thought I could create a 17 player game, with me being a 17th player for hosting purposes. That, of course, is not possible.

Now, the AIs aren’t that weak, so long as they have ample time to set up and trade. Is there a way Jay could make them hyper-aggressive? That way I wouldn’t mind having a 20 player game with 4 AI empires, counting myself, who would quit soon after formation, or perhaps act as a human AI. I am firm in my belief I could pull that off, and be quite the malicious one.:smile_cat:

But I’d prefer just 16 players. We veterans are not so easily tricked by the AIs under normal conditions.


IMO, if the 4 isolated empires are + / - 60 LY away from other empires, then they will not be within scan range to trade, and will be unable to fight. Do not bother researching HR tech. It becomes a 16 player tournament plus 4 out-of-the-way empires.

The premium player who creates the custom game is the administrator of that game. I think you, Smulm, should be in it at least to spectate, and read intel charts, send emails, etc. . .

Jay and Penny had plans to make some new AIs using genetic algorithms, but that eugenics ( HA HA !! ) war project is on hold indefinitely.


@xjhdexter is a master of maps - all good advice.
Am confused - are you in the game … and if so, playing as who?

Premature death call on @Smulm - my bad. Still has zero stars, but a bunch of ships en-route somewhere.

Note that if you have AI’s in the game as @xjhdexter suggests, you almost certainly want trade-scanned enabled … which I think is a darn good parameter anyway.

FYI that if the current game goes another 32 days (highly doubtful IMHO) and I’m in the top-16, there is no way I can play in the next round … as I have a week off-the-grid planned. I would be happy to bequeath my position to @Smulm.

May/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament - AnnanFay is the winner!

I am not in this tournament. I am only spectating from the outside.

My health problems fluctuate randomly up and down. When I am well enough, I can spectate some, and volunteer my 4X skills to help Jay on the forum. This helps to keep my mind sharp. When I am worse, I do not get much of anything done. :frowning:

My health is improving tiny bits at a time, and I see a good light at the end of my tunnel.
If I get back to playing, I will be looking for HULK . he he !!


Sorry to hear about your RL health challenges and hope you get better.
Maybe the “The Infraggable Krunk” (LOL!) could sub in for “The Incredible HULK” if I advance to round #2?!? :wink:


I also hope that your health improves.


Guys I’m 99% sure that smulm can simply make the game then quit… (If he doesn’t make top 16)

Tick 305, Cycle 15

Nick is coming down in full force, and has taken out Empire of Man but since hitting 107 stars at around tick
276, he’s only gained 1 in the next 29 hours…

It’s looking to be one big North vs South fight on two small borders with a lot of players, going to be interesting for sure.

The newly built galactic highway of 10 stars through 4 players takes 3 and a half days to cross even at warp speed lol. My generals wait silently and impatiently for battle!

I hope you get well soon @xjhdexter!


Well he said he cannot make a 17 player game. Also nobody wants an ai from the beginning.


Smulm and I are analyzing potential solutions, and close to solving this problem. Keep your fingers crossed.

The long term mental strain can be too much for me. I might AFK. So I probably will not join a game for a while. I need a lot of rest.
My most recent game was 2015 MAY. :frowning: I think a lot about this game though. LOL I spectate when I can.

I considered joining Hardcore simulation game with you, but decided that my health could improve more if I did not, even though that game is 24 hr turn wait & 6 ticks jump.