The Trade History Tab and the Trade Drop Box


So even though you can see all trades on the events tab, it can be a little bit tedious to search through all of your events to keep up to date with trading. This is especially when playing a large game like 64 or 32 players, and 4 or more players are in a trade agreement, and everyone has different research levels. I was thinking, what if on every player’s home tab one could press a button that had “interaction history”, that displayed all trades, including techs and money exchanges with that player (and it calculated the total value of the tech’s you’d sent). That way, players could just click on another’s home page, open the tab and see how biased the trading is (if it is), and easily calculate what they owe.

Ever played a game in real time, sent a player money for their tech before production, but they obviously don’t come on again before production even though they said they would, you’ve sent them money and you can’t get it back to spend on economy? Or, you’ve sent a player a tech and then they’ve miscalculated their own spendings and can’t send a tech back? Save all the nitty gritty confusion!
What if there was some kind of trading drop box, where on a player’s home page you submitted a tech to be claimed. You can state the amount of cash you want for it (could just be trading value, or more if their’s a deal), or a certain tech (or any tech), or even a bit of both? If they submit what you request into the trade box, the trade initiates. If not, you can withdraw your offer and go spend the $$$ elsewhere. This way you can also put offers to players without intense communication requirements. Furthermore, if you set one up between multiple players for a large game (64 players), you could put a tech up that is available to any of the players selected; once they submit the amount of cash they can obtain the tech. One of the conditions may just be that they pay for the trading cost, or say “trading cost + 5%” etc.

I had these ideas after trying to keep track of several players, and the communication requirements was a bit much. “Are you going to be on between this and this time?”, “If I send you this cash will you send back the tech?” etc., etc. I’d love some other opinions.


Like your ideas but on the latter one I personally think that mitigating the risk of trades would detract from the core excitement of the game - will they won’t they, was it a purposeful error or did they simply not log-in? For me, these are the key pieces of intrigue which separate Triton from other games


Yeah I think you’re right haha, I mainly posted for the first idea to be honest. I like the excitement, as you said, though I do find it at times tedious simply trying to log and keep up with trade movements; I partially raised this to see if others had good ideas of systems :smile: Thanks for your comment!


I’ve made a similar suggestion to #1 before … adding tabs for “trades” (cash & tech transactions) and “alliances” (offering/accepting alliances and Declare War) would be AWESOME!!!

Especially in big games, those events are often obscured by battles.


If you had a trade drop box it would have to be at a cost, you can have a secure trade but you pay the game a fee eg. $5/tech level that you’re securely trading.

trading this way would mean you have a done deal which will go ahead, however it will be more expensive for the person buying the tech, giving the money, or both. You would also have to have the standard trading option where there was an uncertainty that you are going to get your end of the bargain.