Tic Tocs

Hi new old guy here. I love this game but I haven’t played it for some years due to war, kids and other stuff :grin: Safe to say that things have changed in this game since. For one I found out that AI defends and attacks so I am being squashed by 6 AFK=AI now I didn’t know that leading would make the all hate me lol.

My question though is: What’s the point in having a clock running when it have zero impact on the game? One hour is just one Tic. For example my weapons research is done in 7h and it takes 7h to arrive at the enemy planet. As battles are flight before research is applied I will lose. Back in the day I could just wait 1 second so my ships would arrive in 7h 1s then I will get the advantage of the new weapons level. But now as long as I move my ships within the 6th and 7th hour my ships will arrive within the same tic and my weapons won’t be applied.
Did Jay just kill real time strategy in Neptunes with this move?
I liked not sleeping in a month as long as I won hahah

This is the way that makes sense to me. Read this thread.

Combat results determine ownership of stars.

Ownership of stars determines ownership of ECON, IND, SCI, WG, Scanning range, Hyperspace ranges, terraformed resources, etc. . .

So then ownership of SCI determines how many RP I generate, and whether I advance one tech level.

I usually make sure to delay my ship arrivals by 1 tick to ensure my tech advance on the previous tick before combat next tick.

Yes I understand the sequence in with events happen but that is not my point. In the old days if the enemy and I have equal distance tona star in between us and I leave one minute before I will also get there one minute before. The same was with research. If I arrive 1minute after my research is done it will be in effect. But now everything is happening per tic and not real time. Hence the “RTS” part seems to have been axed.


I do not know whether you may be thinking of NP1 ?
NP1 has been shut down.

In NP2 Triton, all events happen at tick increments, not partial ticks. The real time clock only lets you know when to expect the next tick increment.

A real time tick can be 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes long.
A turn based tick is just a tick, can be thought of as representing 1 hour but actually not important how much real time it represents. It is just a unit of in-game time.


Yeah, so in a real time game, a tick can be thought of as its own turn, a unit of time. There are no fractional partial ticks in this game. The spare time within a tick can be used to send diplomatic messages, make tech or cash trades.
give orders, buy infrastructure, direct research, drink tea, etc. . .

I understand your questions are about time. My reply here is about distances.

Enemies might arrive at the same tick at an unclaimed star, but defender ownership of that star is determined by remaining travel distance towards that unclaimed star.

The Chain Ruler does not show all decimals that are being used.


yeah i think i remember something about ship count or rank that then decides who wins defend bonus

I guess I am mixing it with NP1 but what I liked about that was it pays off to actually micro manage your feet.

If two empires have the same star count towards victory in the galaxy, the ship count will break the tie, and assign rank accordingly at the end of game.

The defender of a star in combat will have Weapons +1 bonus.

I know that’s was I am saying :slight_smile:

If we didn’t have the clock then how would we know how long until the next tick?

Also, I can’t remember who’s idea this was, if I find it or someone reminds me I’ll credit it, (edit: kudos to @xjhdexter) but where the distance appears the same then you can use the ruler to work out which one is actually further away by plotting a route back and forth on each journey.

Eg. If you have stars a, b, and c with b in the middle and the distance a to b and b to c is 1, then if you measure a,b,a,b,a,b,a,b and a,c,a,c,a,c,a,c then one might round to 1.1 and you know that that journey is slightly longer.

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could just have a count down but yeah of course

It is a countdown - to production.

That was at this forum thread.


Haha, kudos to you then.