Tick information for every diplomacy communication

Every event is marked with the tick it occured in.
Every diplomacy communication is marked with the date and time of it’s sending.

I would like every diplomacy communication to additionally be marked with the tick of it’s sending.

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I am sorry, I am not arguing or anything, but I am just intered in the reason why this is needed. In what situation will this be needed?

When trying to match trades to diplomatic texts, things can get confusing. Having the tick number makes this easier.

But admit it is a “nice to have” request.

Its a bit tricky because the diplomatic texts don’t open up the game in the database when sending. Its just like a mini forum. I would have to open up the game and have a look what tick it is. Not a huge deal but It is more work for the server.

I’d like to revive consideration for this request in case anything has changed in the codebase in the last 3 years to make it easier. I provided intelligence to an ally on a star he can’t scan. When either of us review it later, it’d be nice to know how many ticks have passed since it was observed. (I had to post a second message giving the tick number because I didn’t think to do it when I first wrote it.)

This came up on the Discord #modding chat recently discussing how time is displayed in the game.