Tick Times dont affect transit times

Just figured this out since I finally joined a quad speed game. Seems rather odd to me and I didn’t see a notice of it anywhere.

It seems that the “faster” games aren’t really faster, just more responsive (you get more chances to react to something). Although since production days are set to ticks not hours you do get production MUCH more often, and tech also works based on ticks, not time. In fact EVERYTHING other than ship transit time seems to be affected by ticks instead of time.

This is going to make the game incredibly defensive… if it takes a fleet 4 hours to reach a star, thats 16 ticks worth of ships… so your going to have to make sure that your fleets are much stronger before sending them out, and sending a fleet into enemy territory is a recipe for disaster due to the amount of ships they will get relative to your transport time.

Was this an oversight? or working as intended.

Transit times should be tick based as well. Carriers move x units per tick.

Is the galaxy perhaps more spread out? Far starting distance or something like that?

Hrm, i apologize, i didn’t realize that the setting made a difference. It is set for “far” but from the looks of things the stars don’t appear to be any further out, even when fully zoomed in. I didn’t realize that the game scaled to the distance. I expected the stars to “look” farther apart and not just have the ruler changed I guess. I just noticed that after a tick all my ships had moved so slightly i couldn’t see the star through all the ship trails, and this was a very noticeable difference from other games I had played. And i was expecting them to just zoom across the field.

My bad, live and learn I guess.

On that note is there a detailed description of what all the game settings look like/do somewhere? I looked at creating a game a couple of times but didnt really understand what all the settings would do (other than the obvious ones like starting cash and such).

Sorry, I need to document those settings better. Its a little trial and error at this stage.

If you set a password when you create a game you can delete it after have a look around. You can even join yourself, force start it and jump ahead in 6 hour jumps to get a feel for it.