Timing of settlement gold and master of coin

I’m unsure if this is the design intent or if there needs to be a tweak somewhere but I’m in a nightmare game which is most annoying - so stating the facts (starting with the obvious game mechanics)

  1. settlement gold production is on a 24 hour cycle
  2. masters of coin steal all the gold every 12 hours
  3. I am a human I like sleep
  4. all my settlements produce gold approximately from the time I go to bed to just before I wake up
  5. the master of coin triggers just before I can log in

the end result is I’ve had next to no gold every day since the start, and until the jester of coin gets killed I will continue to have no gold, this isn’t leading itself to a fun game with choices (oh look 0 gold and next settlement to produce some is past midnight my time).

I don’t really know what to suggest - master of coin claims every 18 hours so it goes round the clock? claims 50% every 6 hours? going oh well you are screwed by living in England?

I think you just got screwed by the settlements you happened to get. My payouts in that game are spread out pretty evenly over the day.

Does anyone know if there is any way to predict what a settlement’s payout hour is prior to claiming it? Or are they random?

I would love to know that too, the number of times I claimed a settlement there and when damn during the night again

A practical solution? Have the game creator (in my case, me) pause the game overnight. Or, see if its okay for them to pause the game a few fours to get the cycle to a point where you are awake and can react in time.

We really, really need a timer to autopause things.

Next game I start, I’ll throw an invite to you, Starry. If you want to play in a ‘pause friendly’ environment, my group is good.


I also have the problem that in most games, my gold output ends up clustered together. It is very common for me to have all of my towns pay out within a 6 hour window, and then I have to wait 18 hours to get my next payout, to then get a very large payout (1k-3k) spread out over the coarse of the next 6 hours. It would be nice to have them more distributed throughout the day. Thankfully I haven’t had one of those coin bosses in a long time, but I could be quite upset with it in the many games I have with this clustering.

What if settlements doled out 1/3rd of their income every 8 hours, instead of 100% of it every 24?

The towns used to have varying payout rates, but it was different per race. That caused a fair amount of confusion. I think if it was standardized across the board like it is now, but every 12 hours (or 8 or 6) (as you suggest), that would feel a lot better. However, while I think I would prefer that, I don’t mind dealing with the extra challenges the current system produces. So this is one case where I support the change, but don’t mind it not coming.

I was wondering the other day if I should try and write some algorithm that, at the start of the game, looked at settlements next to each other and make sure their production timer was at least 8 hours apart.

It’s kind of hard to know what to suggest, but for that game it basically meant if I wanted sleep I had nothing to do until the masters of coin were gone. On one had you can go shrug such is the nature of randomness in games, another game I wouldn’t of been impacted at all, on the other hand I can certainly say not being able to do much for 48 hours + made that a much less interesting game.

I really don’t like the “take all your resources” bosses. I’d prefer it if these bosses did something a little less game imbalancing; like making units cost more, make abilities cost more, make players pay a small amount per of valor per town or else their towns shut down for a day. Things like that.

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I personally don’t mind them usually, it just means you can’t stockpile resources.

Unless, of course, you get bad timing on them like Starry did. Then they’re utterly game-ruining (unless you’re willing to wake up at 3 AM or something).