Timing questions


Some questions about timing:

  1. How does attack timing work? If a chipper and a slaver attack each other, for example, does the chipper definitely chip before being stolen? Or do both definitely happen? Or is it 50/50 whether the chipper chips?

  2. If two enemy settlements have docks leading to the same space, and they both build ships, what happens? If only one is built, what happens to the resources spent by the other?

  3. Pointers move 2 spaces, but they don’t seem to necessarily be consecutive movements (i.e.could move one hex, then an enemy moves, then move the second). Is that true? If so, is there an “initiative” bonus to having the pointer? I picture each ship being given a random movement rank, and the pointer being given TWO draws from that hat and therefore being twice as likely to go first…


So all the attacks should in effect happen simultaneously, but it’s a bit messy at the moment. We need to attack a separate effects phase post-combat, so all the ships get their chance to attack, then all the post-combat effects will take place separately. As I mentioned in the other post, there are situations currently where a ship can be dredged before it’s had its chance to attack etc.

There is some randomness when ships try to move or build into the same hex. In effect, a coin is flipped and the winner gets to move or build into that hex.

The Pointer, in effect, gets 2 movement phases. They don’t currently get initiative, but it’s something we’ve thought about. Their second movement phase is after all ships have their chance to move, but it could make sense for their extra movement phase to be first as they are “faster” ships.


Thanks for the prompt response! I know it’s a lot of fiddly questions…

The one question remains though: what happens to the resources of the ship that doesn’t get built?


The settlement will keep the build order until it can complete it. You can go to the settlement at any time and Cancel the build order to get a refund.

Sometimes you might have someone deliberately blockading your port. You won’t be able to build a ship there until you get rid of their ship. But your settlement will keep trying to build each turn and you can cancel the order to get a refund at any time.


Even prompter :slight_smile:


I like that the Pointer’s 2nd movement phase is after all ships have their chance to move. Then, if you were to give them initiative, their 1st movement phase could be before all the other ships have a chance to move. It sounds like this would mean there are three separate movement phases, and Pointers don’t interfere with normal ships, but they still have to “flip coins” so to speak with other Pointers.


I like the notion of the Pointer moving with the initiative. Seems like bad luck that negates the sole purpose of this Buccaneer at times.