Tiny Galaxy, close start are incompatible


I’m trying to create a very small game, using a tiny galaxy (8 stars per player) with a close starting distance.

With these settings there is no guarantee that each player will start with the same number of stars, it appears as if each players starting stars are generated in sucession, and can be overwritten.


Read this tip :

Player [Starting Stars] should usually be set to less than [Stars per Player] in the galaxy.

So if you designed the Galaxy with 8 [stars per player] and each player has 6 [player starting stars] , and that does not work, then try 5 or 4 or 3 [player starting stars] .


Thanks, that’s a really useful work around, but I still think it shouldn’t be possible for a game starting location to be generated that doesn’t fit the game settings when using standard options. There should be some sanity checking against the settings for the game.