[Tip] Farming 1 hero coin heroes


If you’ve played a few games, you should be familiar with what a 1 hero coin hero is. Basically, whenever you claim a village, you have a chance making a random hero of the same race popping up who will join your collection and game for just 1 Hero Coin.

Somethings to note about these heroes that I’ve observed:

  • Each time you use valour to claim a village, a random hero has a chance at showing up.
  • Unlike the 2 Hero Coin card packs, you can only pick the hero that shows up, you don’t get to choose between 3 heroes.
  • You can spawn a 1 Hero Coin Hero on a settlement you claimed, abandoned and then claimed again (This might be a bug, will need Iron Helmet to say)
  • You can continue to Abandon and Reclaim a settlement even when the match is over as long as there is a unit you own on top of the Settlement. (This might be a bug, will need Iron Helmet to say)
  • You can spawn 1 Hero Coin Heroes on single player maps. Even on the maps before you’re introduced to Hero Cards.

Because of all above, a nice trick is to constantly abandon and reclaim a settlement over and over until you spawn a 1 hero coin hero. Thanks to single player, you can farm a lot of valour and make all situations suitable for spamming taking control and abandoning a settlement.

If you do this, it’s best to do this BEFORE a match ends, otherwise you will constantly need to close the Reapers Tally menu between each action.


  • 2x the hero purchasing capabilities than 2 Hero Coin packs.
  • If you’re a premium member and are using Single Player to farm these heroes, you gain back 1 coin each win, making your farming potential even higher.
  • You can reject any volunteers that pop up until a card you want shows up.


  • A con to this is that you get no choice. With 2 Hero Coin card packs, you have 3 chances at getting a card you like and can pick what you want.
  • It’s very time consuming if you want specific cards. With 2 hero card packs, if you don’t get a card you want, you still have to pick something. If you use this method to farm certain cards, thanks to RNG, you could try for hours and still not get the card you want. This is a pro for this method as you can use your Hero Coins on what you want, but it will be much more time consuming.
  • It’s not very good in the middle of a game. With 2 hero coin card packs, you can buy one easy in the middle of a game. With this method, you would be wasting valuable Valour in the middle of a zombie invasion.


It also seems that if a volunteer is in the town, and you abandon the town, then reclaim it (or another person reclaims it) and a new unit volunteers… the old volunteer unit disappears and is no longer available.


I have just closed the loophole. Thanks for finding and reporting it.

You now only get one chance to claim these guys, and relinquishing a settlement and claiming it again will not roll a new guy.


This isn’t true for a player’s first settlement on a map - the one they start with. Not sure if that is intentional or not but it is a strange game mechanic to have a player’s first move always be to relinquish his only city and then immediately recapture it.

Would also like to add that this isn’t really true either. If you go into single player, you can arrive at a new settlement, claim it, and see if you got one of the 1-star claimable heroes. If you didn’t, then you can go to options and revert back to the last turn. Rinse and repeat until you find a hero you want to claim for 1 star. Not sure why anyone would spend 2 stars on a single hero when they can just use this method.


Thanks for the heads up on the first settlement. I will fix that loophole in the next update.

In Feb when I when I first look at this, I know I did make sure that a settlement would roll the same guy, even after you reverted the turn, but perhaps I did something to break it between now and then. I’ll see if I can fix that again.