TKO in game


I just had a game where I KOed every other player but the game didn’t end. Any chance of having that be an automatic victory condition?


I made the same request here:

I’m sure they’ll get around to this at some point.


Technically you could lose to an AI(AFK) but yea.


@DDRX - yes, you could lose to an AI(AFK)… but KO and AI(Conceded Defeat) should not qualify there.


We thought about this a while back but decided not to give victory if you’re the last human player in the game. The victory conditions are to earn X points, not KO the other players. Partly because you can play a Solo Skirmish, or a game with just 2 humans and the rest AI. We also don’t want a victory option to be harassing the other players into quitting.

If you’re close to victory, then it shouldn’t take much to win. If you’re a long way from victory, then I think you should still have to work for it, not just win because everyone quit.

It’s an option we can still consider adding, but I think there would have to be conditions on when it comes up.


It ended with me clicking next turn like 10 times. It also means there’s no way for a game with endless points to end.


I think if everyone else is KO then claiming victory could be an option. It’s more when everyone concedes it gets a bit hairy.


Interesting @IHG-BlightedPea - I hadn’t thought of bullying/harassing others into conceding defeat. In my example, I think it only took 3 or 4 more turns for me to actually achieve victory, so it wasn’t a big deal. Just seemed a little odd that I would have to.


It’s something we’ve come across in NP, so we are wary of it. I’ll add a task for the KO situation though.