Tooltips on badges


I don’t play NP2 regularly, so when I do, I can never remember what all of the different badges are and looking them up from the badge list is pretty tedious. Would love if the badges on a players profile had tooltips showing at least the badge name.


if you are looking at their badges it is one button click from the players empire page, its not that tedious considering you would only look up maybe 1 or 2 badges a game if that :sunglasses:


That’s not really been my experience (otherwise I wouldn’t have made this request). Sure, some games I only need to check one or two badges, but I’ve often been in games where people have many badges. Maybe I’m not that smart, but it always takes me ages to search the list to the point where its been simpler to right click the image and check the filename to get the badge name. I’ve personally got 5 different types of badges and just looking up what I have personally is annoying enough that I don’t enjoy doing it.

Worse still is that the “achievements” page which lists the badges you have, as well as the Triton Codex page (the “?” beside the badges in-game) both seem to be missing a few that are on the purchase page (eg the merit badge), although I assume thats an oversight/bug.

Ok ok, its not the end of the world and certainly not a deal breaker, but tooltips aren’t hard to add (presumably; at least, I’ve added tooltips to various web apps and I’ve never spent more than 15 minutes on it – if for some reason it IS hard, then I’m ok with this request being ignored)


I’d second this also. Yes, it’s easy to look them up but I still get caught out expecting there to be a tooltip of some sort. They just look so tooltipable. :nerd:

Even though my front brain know there isn’t one, my subconcious brain assumes there would be and I find my cursor hovering over it before I realise.


Only thing its missing is merit, trek and star wars ones.

There is only 4 game badges, 3 tournament badges and 19 bought ones, how does this take you ages? and maybe only 3 dont instantly give away what they should be by their picture (Sentinel, Ironborn, wordsmith) but the lion, lab set, and sheep with teeth should be pretty easy to tell what they got their badge for.

this sounds like it takes way more time then just clicking the badges at the top of their empire screen, it literally takes you right to the badge screen with all of them


If the player has, say, 5 badges, and you have not so good memory for its drawings (some of them are not mnemonic), then you need to repeat it 5 times:

  • Look at one badge.
  • Go to the badge screen and see what is it.
  • There are three very similar, you’re not sure.
  • Go back to that player profile and check which badge was.
  • He has two very similar, you didn’t remember which one were you checking.
  • Start again, go sequentially.

It’s not so comfortable and happens a lot. Mainly because shortened sleep hours when you’re playing this a lot :upside_down:


Easier, you could open the help page in a separate tab and then just flick between the two tabs. It’s still a workaround though. :wink:


Why are you trying to persuade me that I don’t have a problem?

I already said it wasn’t a huge deal, but its still an annoyance for me (and clearly for others; thanks for chiming in guys!), otherwise I wouldn’t have requested this feature.

Besides, what’s the problem if the feature makes the experience better for some people? Provided it doesn’t take long to add, which I’ve already stated it really shouldn’t, as I’ve added tooltips (both using pre-packaged libraries and custom ones with pure CSS) – but if it does, then I’m perfectly fine with this being ignore.


Tooltips are nice, and make a game look more polished in my opinion. They are a bit useless for mobile devices though which I think is why Jay hasn’t implemented a lot of them. I’ve been away for a while but I think that is why there aren’t as many tooltips implements as you would expect.

@victreebel things like this are nice features, they aren’t game changing but anything that makes a game more intuitive and polished is a bonus. Usability helps increase the player base, and gives me more opponents to crush XD


Mouseover to reveal badge type would be good.


Fair point re: mobile and I do play on mobile at least half the time, but I don’t think people exclusively play on mobile. In any case, I’d be delighted with a “click to reveal tooltip” too.


No I do agree with you, I would like to see them too, just saying why I think they haven’t been a priority.

I’m quite interested to see how many people play on mobile v PC. If those stats aren’t available it would be cool to do a little survey on the forum. I have a feeling there will be a much higher percentage for mobile devices than PC especially when you put tablets into the equation.


isnt this the same thing as what already happens when you click on a badge and it takes you to the a badge page,

and yes tooltips are nice, in a game that needs them. I play NP because it is clean and simple, and i just personally feel this particular one would be more pandering to the lazy then making it more intuitive or polished looking.

I dont know, maybe my view on this has been tainted a bit after seeing this particular sentience and getting that gut reaction of if you dont even play enough to remember what you have your self where do you get off asking for changes too be made, and that if changing it made you play more it also means you didnt play because of such a little thing as having to take 40-50 seconds to click a few buttons and thats just being a fussy baby. and for that i am greatly sorry.

I get the same feeling when i see those resting bars in McDonalds because people are starting to become too F***ing lazy to stand while they wait for their food. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You know what, f*** this. I had a suggestion that I feel would make the game more enjoyable to me (and seemingly others) and you’ve been telling me its not an issue, that I don’t play enough, that I’m lazy, being a fussy baby etc etc. These kind of toxic remarks really doesn’t help me want to stick around in this community…

And for the record, I’ve been playing since summer 2013.

I hope Jay considers the request. I already said that it was a “if its not too much effort” request and nothing more. But I won’t be reading any more posts to this topic and have muted it. Way to make me feel unwelcome in the community.


I do both. I prefer to play the majority on a PC/Laptop but will check on my phone and make adjustments if I’m out and about (I work with computers so it’s not often I’m away from a PC for long). Depending on the complexity of the message/game I will reply to messages on either.


Why are you in McDonalds? Too lazy to cook? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Come on though Vic, it’s surely not that big a deal? It’d be a nice addition if you want it, if you don’t then don’t use it.

Well then let’s remove the battle calculator and the ruler. :wink:


Hey All, sorry I misses this thread.

I think tooltips is a perfectly reasonable request and easy for me to do, I just have to add one line to text to each image and the browser will handle it all for me. I vaguely remember already adding this for Blight. I just havn’t got around to it for NP.

I’ll move it up a little higher on the todo list. than @rubberband for taking the time to make your suggestion.


That wouldnt be such a bad idea for a bit of chaos :imp:


Could be a new game option? :grin: