Totally Blind Mode + Pausing Real-Time

My group is interested in the following type of game…

Basically, you have no insight into your opponents. No way to check their stats, ships, stars, etc.

Also, everyone shown to you as the same color/name. So you literally have no idea who you’re attacking, or who you see. As far as you can see, it’s all the same person you’re playing against.

Why? It removed the friendship/biased out of the game, and makes it truly tactical. No NAP/Alliances, etc.

Next thing…

Looking at doing an entire day in a single hour… however, the game pauses between 10pm and 8am. Then it’s real-time for 24 hours = 1 hour.

The goal is that we can get an entire game done in a day or two.


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I like the idea of superboosted games which you can finish in a day or two.
For games >1d the the resting time makes sense.
Especially in a tournament context.

I doubt I’d like the totally blind mode, it removes the diplomacy and being able to differentiate between opponents is actually quite important for strategy.