Tournament Bug

The recent tounament that came just yesterday had no icon. When i tried to play it it displayed “not_enough_credits”. Also, it had a strange name in single quotes “highlandblackmire”?
Was it an official tournament?

Arg, sorry about this, there must be a map in the tournament list with some kind of bug.

I will try and fix it next time I get a change to work on Blight.

Btw, what are you working on currently? :thinking:
Also, I have heard that this is in “Early Access”. Is there a new and advanced version coming out? :smiley:

I’m working on a very different game right now called Void Bastards.

So, I checked out this game, and it does seem interesting, especially the cartoonish graphics! :wink:
When is it coming out?

Its out right now!

I’m building some new content for it at the moment.