Tournament leaders

OK… I’ll just admit it… I have no idea how people are getting the numbers I’m seeing!
I’m 12hrs…12! And I’m at 73% but the leaders are on 82 and 81%.
Somehow they are managing to get across the map to save some settlements from the start and I have no idea how… Any tips??? :thinking::grin:

It’s Twisted Twins this week, right? You can work a lot of magic with deft use of Tangle Mage + Bridge Witch + Rune Dancer on this map.

I totally accept that but I’ve started a second game with a lower % than the leaders…

Hmmm, that’s a bit suspicious. I’m seeing the same thing. AFAIK there’s no way to increase the % living on the map since all card plays require civilians to draw from… Anyone want to drop in to explain their secrets? Or @JayKyburz do you know of any way this can happen?