Tournament Sign-ups

We are going to start a new tournament for NP2 and I think the last one was back in NP1, a game where I was not around because I did not know it existed. Considering we are already testing the new NP3 game it should be fitting to get a tournament in for NP2 at least once.

The rules are simple…

Post your name and I will add you to the list, also include if you are willing to do 1v1,2v2,3v3,4v4

1v1 Rules:

Stars for victory - 66% of all stars
Galaxy Type - Circular
Dark Galaxy - Disabled
Stars per player - 32 Large
Starting distance - Far
Starting Tech - All tech level 3
Starting credits - $1000

All other rules are default.

2v2 Rules:

Stars for victory - 66%
Galaxy type - Circular
Dark Galaxy - Disabled
Stars per player - 32 large
Starting credits - $1000
Formal Alliances - Enabled

All other rules are default. Please post your teams before the signup closes, otherwise you will be given a random team. If you did not enter for 2v2 you dont need to do anything.

You will be awarded the tournament competitor badge for joining and the tournament winner badge for winning.

So I await your sign-ups…

Good Luck :smiley:

Closes 3rd November 2016



RustyBolts and James T Kirk
The Last Hero and Hipster
Pemberton (Random)
Mastery (Random)
Saradav and domikys
Victreebel (Random)
Ferret287 (Random)
Zoquete and Smulm


You can sign me up :slight_smile:

Sign me up also, i am open to all the team sizes

I’m in for 1v1s. Maybe other formats. Do we pick our teams? How will the bracket work? How many spots are there to fill?

I have added some more information, We can pick our teams but I would like to try and get them as even as possible.

And I think we should try to get as many people as possible in before closing.

I’m in :+1:

I am trying to get into this with you all!

EDIT: Also, fine with whatever format.

EDIT EDIT: Start with maybe $1000 creditos?


Your in :slight_smile:

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Sign me up.

Edit: and I’m willing to do every option of team sizes.

If we start with far start we need hyperspace 3 due to players would get cut of from the centre more than others… I actually am about to win a 1v1 just because we didn’t start with 3 hyperspace, I have absolute control over all the centre stars and the entire galaxy before I got there.

Far start galaxy are more interesting in 1v1 because it allows more stars to spawn into the galaxy due to there being more space, and it also makes the galaxy feel bigger. If we start on normal start which is medium we should start with 2 hyperspace because I have noticed the same thing happens like on far start just its less because you start closer. And if we start with close start we can easy do it with 1 hyperspace at the start… Though proteus is coming and we start with 3 hyperspace so I dont see why it would not be fun starting with 3 on a far start galaxy, I guess we will do some voting for rules.

We could change the economy and things as long as we are all happy with that, I personally like to start with 0 industry and 0 ships and 1 star ;p we call these nomad games in games I have played out of NP where you start with nothing.

It doesn’t sound like much fun but it creates and increasingly tactical opening… because you want to get the neutral stars as fast as possible however, you have to wait for your first ships to build but if you send it scouting towards the enemy with 1 ship, if the enemy waited a few more hours to get 3 ships and then scouts towards you, he will obliterate your ship and everything you just scouted.

We can do many interesting things with the rules, in that 1v1 proteus game I am playing we started with 100 scanning by accident so we can see everything each off us do.

We could even turn research off all together or keep weapons locked at level 1 so you always get the best defender bonus, whatever makes it fun.

Sign me up for 1v1.

I don’t want to play in a game that insists on having to wait for industry to provide the first ships. That will make me very displeased, and I may just withdraw from the tournament entirely if that’s so. I don’t always have the ability to just whip out an iPhone and check on stuff. The industry thing is just a waiting game with risks for people like me who can’t be on every hour of the day for that.

As to weapons, no. I really don’t appreciate the defender bonus. That’s not how real warfare generally works, despite what “experts” insist, given that most successful military geniuses tended to be aggressive in nature. Yes, it’s convenient in the beginning, but that’s an aspect of the game I can live without. It isn’t a deal-breaker for me if we have weapons locked, but it’s not my first or second choice.

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Thats not going to happen there just ideas…

I second everything Smulm said. I’m much more in favor of a traditional start, perhaps 10-10-1 home star with $1000. That’s what I do in lots of my custom games and it seems pretty balanced. I also vote starting with every tech on level 3 to negate the luck of experimentation determining the game. I highly suggest (for 1v1) far start an 32 stars. There needs to be terrain to plan tactics around and being able to reach every star at once makes it less skill and more bashing ships.

I’ll throw some test 1v1 games together tonight and verify my suggested settings, but I’m pretty sure they’re solid.

I also will withdraw if we’re playing with locked tech or no infrastructure start. Not trying to be a bad sport but that kind of game doesn’t sound fun for me.

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It would be cool to have 2v2 brackets where you sign up with a friend you know you work well with and play every game with them. Maybe like 8 teams of 2 or something even like that.

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Everything. Single. Thing. Hero. Said.

Ok well we have 8 players I think the last tournament had 14 but the post has only been open like a day so… as long as we have an even number of players we can do 2v2 and you can join with a friend. Though I have literally been playing a week I just came back from a about 6 months ago and 6 months I did not play that many games either.

So I dont think I have a friend to team with ;p we see what happens, I just want to get as many people signed up at the moment.

I agree we should start 1v1 with far start and huge galaxy with a minimum hyperspace of level 3, it is kind of required, as well as having 66% stars for victory.

Considering I did not play this game for very long I probably still have passions for experience the opening of the game while you guys do not…

Whatever the rules are it is always balanced because the opponent has the same rules… as long as we get a fair expansion at the start.

Please add me in. I’m up for any team option.

I disagree with Hero about the tech leveling. I always enjoyed seeing what Experimentation brought, and I don’t recall too many, or any, really, games where getting a worthless drop in hyperspace or scanning changed the whole course of the game.

That said, it doesn’t really bother me if we go for that.

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I was just thinking that for 1v1 games. It could be major because no allies trade with. Bad luck on exp with an opponent getting straight weapons bonuses could skew a game. That wasn’t a definite rule or anything, just a thought.