Come and help test the new Tournament mode.

Each week we’ll choose a random single player map, and whoever can get the highest score on hard difficulty wins 100 Hero Coins.

Check it out in game now.

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Note: The random roll picked Swiftwind for the first ever tournament. Might not be the best choice because it might be too easy. We’ll see.

Which of you will win the first ever Tournament?

Aw, man, it’s only single-player maps? I was hoping for some multiplayer competitions.

Coming soon. - They are a little more complicated. I could probably get a simple version going quickly once all the bugs in the SP version are sorted out. Mp tournaments will be monthly I think.

FYI it says “continue an exiting game” as opposed to existing.

Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to these.

Good to hear.

I wanted to have a go at tournament, but didn’t think it was fair to actually complete for a place. I scored a 46%.

What’s the “Your Tournament Scores” box supposed to show? I was expecting it to be my best performance in all Tournaments I’ve participated in, but instead it’s showing me the current high scorer in the current one (not me (yet)).

Update: I’ve completed another game. “Your Tournament Scores” now shows my second score, as well as Zzz911’s score (which was the top score at the time that I completed the first game). Looks like every time you complete a game, it’s inserting the top score from that Tournament (whether it’s yours or not) into this list.

Thnaks. Must be a bug there.

I now see Zzz911 has the 2nd-5th place in the tournament. How will you handle multiple submissions from the same user?

i’m going to write some code sometime soon so that you can only have one high score for any mission.

You plan on making whole new maps for tournaments? They seem like the perfect opportunity to quickly slap together a one-off map and see how the public handles it.

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First of all, @MikeLemmer’s thought of using Tournaments as testing grounds for new/crazy maps seems awesome. What better way to ensure that a bunch of people play one specific map several times in a short timeframe?

Second: does Tournament history go anywhere visible? I wasn’t able to get online at all today to take back my #1 spot (Curse you @Aran!), so when I got the email saying it had ended I was hoping to at least see a listing of at least the top eight, maybe the whole scoreboard. I think going back to look at past Tournaments would be a lot of fun, and certainly in the short term it would be good to be able to see who it was who displaced you at the last minute (cough happened to a friend of mine cough).

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I came second and got an email. Would be nice to have a list showing the top 8 and maybe a history board.

It would also be neat to be able to see the final map and maybe even the deck of the winner.

Yes, final map and deck would be very interesting, as I consider myself a decent player but haven’t even been able to break 40% on this tournament map on multiple retries. Obviously there are some strategies in play that I’m completely unaware of.

I think the ability to trade valor for mana and gold is a problem. I think another use for valor needs to be found.
I was thinking this about the blind justice and high elf fixes (which I’m thinking about making a separate post for, because I think the recent change has unexpected and unfun consequences), because it allows them to “feed themselves” essentially off of their valor.

But even moreso, I was thinking this with this new tournament map. Having gem miners or gold miners on this map is useless. You get more than enough gold and mana purely through valor. By the fact that the mandatory deck contains 6 of each miner type, I’m fairly certain this wasn’t the intended behavior, as actually playing these cards is detrimental. Their benefit of producing gold and mana is useless, and they provide less strength than other more valuable cards.

The starter deck makes a lot more sense on Normal on that map, where you can play with simpler strategies. In general, I think the ability to trade Valour for Gold/Mana is a sort of “advanced” strategy that feels very strong on easier difficulties, but is actually flat-out the only possible way to survive some situations in Nightmare.

Which I think is just about right: doing anything in a highly-optimized way should be overkill for easier scenarios, but the hardest situations should absolutely require that players use every trick available to eke out advantages.

In the recent tournament (Round 21), it seems that it was supposed to be a survival based one, but instead of attempting to see how long you can survive, the player scores are determined by the number of units left, whether they lose or win. I’m not sure if this is a bug, but it seems like it should be based off the maximum amount of time survived instead of units left at the end of the match, not how many people can u have live while still losing.