Trade & message outside scanned, but not for free

We already have ability to limit trading to scanning range in custom games and it has been suggested that we should limit communication to scanning range.

How about putting a charge on communication outside scan range (a price per message, per recipient) and having a higher cost for trades outside scanning range (maybe double the price per level)?

That seems a bit harsh to me and would be easily exploited anyway by sending someone your e-mail or IM address in the first message to them to avoid paying.

For the messaging outside scan range I was thinking the charge per message recipient should be just $1, but I can see that this would just encourage out if gang me messaging.

The higher charge for trading would still work.

No microtransactions. Ever. I realize it’s fake in-game money, but this could turn off people.

Hey Dave, I just wrote something similar in another thread, (about paying extra to trade tech). My first thought was 4x the normal price of a tech trade. ($60 per level)

I think the old saying “and enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a cool sentiment for NP but its a shame that your can’t work with your enemies enemy at all.

@MattS I thought I’d better give you a heads up that I have been working on adding “Galactic Credits” into the game because I hope to encourage players to give badges to each other, but its a real pain to enter your credit card details for each one. I will make a post about it so everybody gets a heads up.

Oh, I wasn’t referring to badges, not at all! That’s completely different. I was referring to a “pay to win/make game easier” method of play.

Heck, I’d be more willing to buy badges if it was some sort of “credits” system where I could buy say $10 at a time.

I don’t think that was what was being suggested Matt. We are discussing the possibility of having to pay for sending messages using your production money in game. It’s no different than the concept of paying for EIS upgrades …