Translation Mod - work in progress (alpha stage)


I made this as a proof of concept for translating the game. Currently it’s very basic but eventually it will hook into the account options to allow people to select a translation. Right now everything is hard coded and it just shortens some stuff. I only speak English, so there’s that problem also.

What it does

(not much)


To install just get Greasemonkey (Firefox extension) then go here. Tapermonkey (Chrome extension) might work, I’ve not tested it.

How to modify

Open the file in Greasemonkey or a source code editor. Familiarity with coding is useful. The lines which deal with template translation are 164 to 2083. Most of these are commented out and do nothing.

There are 4 sets of templates. A set each for Triton, Proteus, the main menu and a default one which applies everywhere.

For example you might want to change the leaderboard where it says:

Empires that have been kicked for inactivity:

Search the file for that string returns:

// "afk_player_list":"Empires that have been kicked for inactivity:<br>[[names]]",

Uncomment (remove “//”) and translate:


When done save the file in greasemonkey and reload the game.

I will probably move to pure JSON files but right now it’s easy to just share the full source.

Licensing: This file is technically illegal since it includes copy-paste template text from NP. Even when translated and not including the original text this would be a derivative and also subject to copyright protection. Everything which is not copyrighted by Jay I will eventually release under MIT licence.

Premium Players, Turn Based, 16 places :angel: [Ended]

Thanks @AnnanFay. This is great work.

I always planned to one day have some translations of NP, thats why all the strings are separated out.


If there’s any need to translate things in French, I’d be happy to do it.
Feel free to ask me.


Do you have them somewhere where people could begin translating?
Even a spreadsheet would work.
Even if not implemented yet, this would provide more to work with and could get the ball rolling so once it’s implemented you wouldn’t need to wait on translations as you will already have some.
I call dibs on Spanish for now.

When I was an admin for httpx:// we did this first:
That last link sent users to a page where they could translate the options and submit for approval.
Languages we didn’t know we mostly google translated and as long as things were close they got approved.
Within about a month we had ~10 languages and by the end of the year we had so many that we started accepting random stuff like “Pirate talk” and “Drunk Sailor” just for kicks.
We later changed it to a neater “Flag Icon | ?” at the top right of the page. Hovering over the ? provided instructions in the current language selected, the flag would show the current language selected.
Clicking on the ? would take you to a better explanation and show all the strings in a language of choice, this way you could translate from one we already accepted as correct to one that maybe was more obscure or just had minor changes.