Trensicourt's Guidebook through Space


Greetings Space Adventurers, Rogues and Galaxy Misfits! This is a thread or guidebook for those who need intermediate tips on how to play this Grand Real Time Strategy Game successfully. Furthermore, this thread will specialize in default and 64 giga games. Therefore, starting today-3/3/15, I shall devote my free time to improve this thread.

Foremost, I think these are the general factors that intermediate players need to round out:
-Early Game Plan
-Decision Making
-Ship to Ship Combat

Diplomacy-The absolute most essential part of the game. Every player needs to communicate, or he/she will become sheep to wolves.


  1. Greetings!
    Every player’s first mesage is a greeting of some sort. Unfortunately, some viewers might view some greetings as hostile as unintended by the sender. This can cause some sticky bad first impressions. Here are some ways to warmly greet your recipient:
    -Be Warm, Friendly, humble, optimistic, and broad.

For example:
Dear: Elastic Rubby Empire

Hello neighbor! I hope we can trade goods in the future!

From, Hummerton Confederacy

Early Game:

  1. Long-Term Partner
    Foremost, picking out a partner that will definitely assist in battle and trade in need is foremost in the priority list. In addition, this also means a partner that you plan on being faithful to a pretty deep point. In a default game, one should have only 1 long-term partner. Having 2 is unnecessary unless one is in a pretty crap position. For 64 player games, 2-3 longer term partners are suggested for guarrenteed survival.

  2. Short-Term Partner
    This is probably one of the most rough decision making choice for intermediate players. First, when a short-term partner is chosen, it often turns into a long-term relationship. This relationship in my opinion, is bad and unhealthy for the player. This is because having multiple long term relationships can pressure the player and lead to sticky situations that can turn the player into a buffer.

  3. Trade Partners
    These are partners that trade under the flag of neutrality. They can often be convinced to trade through a simple greeting.

Armada-to-Armada Combat

  1. Stun Push: Assuming all planets are of equal value and that blue has a weapons advantage of 1.

The “Plan”

  1. Faith creates Faith If you put faith in a player, then usually that
    player would return the faith(or puts in faith that you are an idiot
    for giving him faith). In other words, if you don’t have the
    intelligence and you are exposing yourself, then sometimes faith is
    the best option.

  2. Momentum
    If I lets say killed player A and have a decent amount of ships and production leftover, then who is going to stop me from killing player B across the remnants of player A(regardless is he is an ally or not)?

  3. Turtle Push
    If one pushes into another’s territory and faces their 1st wave of enemies, then one should not risk pushing further. Instead, grab popcorn and dump everything into weapons. Once weapons is finished, push forward 1 stepping stone. If the enemy nation does not collapse, repeat crush and repeat.

Types of Players

  1. Buffer
    Frontline empires that progresses at a slowed rate. Its often bordered by an allied Overseer.
  2. Flanker
    Frontline empires that fights side by side with a strong empire. It often looses pace military and expansively with its larger allied neighbor.
  3. Overseer
    Strong empires that progresses at a constant rate. Its often bordered by smaller players.

I’ll add more soon. See ya all and have a nice day!



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