Triton- Copy/Paste or perhaps Saving Waypoint Loops

I was just thinking it would be nice to be able to copy/paste a loop from one carrier to another, or even to save a loop that one of your carriers is on and load it onto any carrier at one of the stars within that loop. I often will have multiple carriers making the same loop and it would save time/be more accurate to be able to copy/paste somehow than to recreate the loop each time, especially as the loop gets longer.


That would be cool.

I’m never sure whether its better to have more that once carrier making a loop, or to break a loop in half.

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More than one carrier is normally better than breaking the loop in my opinion. You could have a garanty that some ships will not wait to long for a carrier. I often use 1 carriers for each 12+ ticks loop.

I would love features that help make looping easier to set up. Right now, in a game where I have 100 stars and 30K ships, if I want to organize my ships to advance to the front lines I will spend hours setting up loops due to painstaking edits of carrier actions at each star in my loop.

I believe this can be reduced with the addition of an upfront way to define Carrier Waypoint Action when selecting the Carriers Waypoints. If I can right click a star to make that Waypoint Action “Do nothing”, and then later control click a star to make that Waypoint Action “Drop All”, it will save time and tedium.

“Do nothing” action if right click. “Drop all” action if control click. “Collect all” action if normal click". This way, I can set a carrier to move through a 10 star loop, ending at its origin, without having to painstakingly edit every action at each star after setting the waypoints.

What I tend to do in my back lines is designate certain stars as “hubs” which every planet in range sends its ships too. Once that is set up “redircting” my supply lines is a simple matter of changing the outgoing ships from the hub (which i give a special name to designate that they are outgoing carriers). So if i need to reinforce my northern lines instead of my southern ones i change 3-4 loops and bang, new resupply lines.

Works REALLY well in the twin ring galaxy setups (each cluster gets a hub).


  1. menu / OPTIONS
    Default action

    This sets the carrier action for a plain mouse left click at a star.

Down arrow key + Left click on a star is DROP ALL

Up arrow key + Left click on a star is COLLECT ALL.