Not sure if you guys have discovered this guy or not, but did you know he can instantly devour any unit of Goblins for +2 strength for every Goblin. Yep even zombie goblins.

Until today you had to be in the same place as the target, but I increased the rage to 1 league today so you didn’t need to actually be in combat with the zombie goblins before you could eat them.

Let me know if it’s overpowered .


Oh my… Nice feature. I’ll have to get one and give it a try before I can say whether it is OP or not. My gut instinct says that it might be.


Late to the party, but I’m playing a Troll-based SP and one Trogo (+4) just swallowed 28 zGobbos in one bite.



Oh just to ask, does this include Goblin zombie lords?


Yep! But to be clear, it no longer instantly eats a whole goblin stack. It now does an attack based on the troglodyte’s total power, so he gets stronger the more you use him.