Trolls in Blight

The Trolls just had an update.

First thing I did was made the basic unit better value for money. 150 gold for 450 Strength.

Then I changed the Rune Dancers Marsh Stomp power so that it affects only Undead. It was just annoying that it damaged your own units as well.

Next I made some of the cooler Troll cards common so they are easy to get and can be a part of the core Troll strategy. The Tangle Mage who can teleport to any mana well within 10 leagues, and Spike Crafter who can turn any village into a fortress!

In my test game, I played the Bridge Witch into a town and summoned all zombies to start moving to the town.

Then I played a spike Crafter and built a big spiked wall for the zombies to smash into.
Played 3 Rune Dancers to weaken the zombies as they shambled in.

Then just filled the village up with armies, and watched the zombies march into my trap.

When things started to get a bit too scary, I used the mage to teleport everybody out of danger.

I think the Trolls will play much better now.

Would love your feedback.


I like the changes. Seems like Trolls will be great tanks against non troll zombies in swamps.

Those changes sound nice. Thanks.

I already have a game going with some trolls. If I use Marsh Stomp in that game, will it still affect friendly units (i.e. this is only for new games going forward), or is that ability change immediate (already started games get it too)?

Thanks Dex, I just realised that the card text will be changed right away, but all Mash Stomps that have been drawn from your deck will have the old power.