Troops, Mana & Valour at Endgame in MP Games?


Is there any incentive for maintaining troop counts, mana and/or valor at the end of multi-player games? I could see how one might want to maintain troops in single-player games to increase your percentage win, but I don’t see why in MP games.

My scenario is that we’re one 5.5K zHuman army, which is half an hour away from slamming into a 48K wall of mortals, away from the end. The game is effectively done, but I’m still unnecessarily burning valor and mana to continue ranged attacks and throwing a 350 point unit into the oncoming horde to keep the proverbial engine turning. Any reason not to?

Overall, how are players rated? Based on total zombies killed or is it aggregation of individual game awards, like Zombie Slayer or Soul Saviour?

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What does this mean? What “rating” are you referring to?

As for the primary question, most people I’ve seen (especially in public games) just prefer to get to the end of the game, rather than trying to optimize for survivors. I usually try to let the last battle be a big melee one rather than blasting the final armies away from a distance, just because it’s more dramatic, but there’s no particular rule obviously.

I would definitely shy away from walking throwaway armies into the last few groups, because that creates more graveyards to deal with and delays the game unnecessarily.


I think the “rating” I was referring to is experience, which in turn determines what level one is at.

How is experience calculated?


That I do not know.


You get exp for doing a variety of stuff throughout the game. Deploying cards, fighting battles, that kind of thing. Then you get I think 100 for completing a game.

I havn’t published the exact numbers because I want to be able to shift the numbers around for a while yet.


Thanks, Jay.

Are you willing to comment on my initial question about whether “scorched earth” play, including burning up troops, mana and valor are a net positive or negative towards experience?


Hrm, I think they probably would be, there is certainly no reason to hold onto Gold, Mana, or Valour,

I would like to see players trying to preserve population (because that’s the objective of the game and how success is measured) so perhaps I should have some kind of exp bump based on how many people are left alive in the map at the end of the game.

You get 100 exp for win + 50 for zombie slayer +50 for body burner so perhaps +x where x is the percentage of people left alive in the map?

@IHG-BlightedPea Also wants be to give extra coins for Hard and Nightmare, so perhaps I could give extra exp for Hard and Nightmare too.


That makes sense.

Since it’s not a game about efficiency, it doesn’t seem to make sense to value mana or valor saved, though it might be fun to have a leaderboard of all-time gold collectors or the like, assuming you’re tracking all that data.