Trouble Trading in "Scanned Players" Only Game

In a 64 player game with the “scanned players only” research restriction, I keep getting the message “Error Processing Order. Please hit reload to refresh your games data” when trying to trade to a player in my scanning area. Any help?

Didn’t work on Chrome or Internet Explorer. Using Windows 7.

I’m not in the game, but there have been other bug reports on this topic. Are both parties involved in the trade able to scan each other?

Yes. Both of us have one the other’s stars in our scanning range.

Thanks for the report Colossal. I will have a look at the logs today.

Trading works now =)

Thanks for the quick fix!

sorry for the bug.

If anybody is intrested, I had the code in a place where it would only save if you were the first person to request the game after a tick. This is why is was broken for some players and not for others.

Now the game properly has a look at who you can see every time you attempt a trade.

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