Turn Based Cheating


I’m not sure if this has been reported before. I’m pretty sure the AI cheats during turn based games.

I launched an attack the AI should not have known was coming, however he moved fleets to defend well in advance.

Are other people experiencing this?


I believe @JayKyburz has stated that the AI doesn’t know from TB games, and in all games submits orders every fourth tick or so. So in a 6-24 tick turn, it will see and react to an attack before the turn is completed. So, not a cheat, but an advantage.

On the other hand, it doesn’t build gates, so you can counter this ad with one of your own.


Fair enough.Guess I won’t make that mistake again :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep - AI can make intra-turn moves … another example is reaching a star and then jumping from there to one that was not seeable/reachable before.

So arguably “cheating” on the AI’s part … but I feel a reasonable advantage to give 'em.


It’s very counter-intuitive and undocumented.

I would rather just give the AI free resources, ships or bonus tech levels. I would even prefer giving them a constant speed boost, say x2.

Once we agree “It’s okay for the AI to cheat” then other options are better and would scale across all game types equally.