Turn Based Multiplayer


Has anyone made a turn based Blight Multiplayer game? Is it possible to create a turn based Multiplayer game in Blight?


There is kind of a way see Suggestions

You need to have a password protected game
Administrator pauses game
Then can jump forward in 6 hour increments


Ah cool idea. If you know of a way to find anyone doing that kind of micro-management for a game they are hosting let me know.


I would be keen as well to try it out. Do you guys think I should add back the NP style turn based system?


I tried a multiplayer turn based game (well me and an absent player)
its harder without the ability to either jump less than 6 hours or give delay here for x hours commands.

I haven’t tried the turn based NP style, but would love some sort of turn based option, but would hope there would be a solution where it didn’t feel much harder due to the fixed jumps (maybe Future orders ?)


I think you should add the NP style turn based system. Turn based in NP was awesome because it made the games more about strategy then about how often you could check into the game to see what was happening. I did a couple 24 hour turns with my friends in NP and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.


I don’t feel like you could realistically implement a turn-based Blight mode a la NP without first implementing a lot of the “wish list” with respect to action queueing and so on. I’m thinking specifically of scenarios like “this group of swordsmen should start Following the General (to get the benefit of the leadership bonus) when the two groups meet up,” and “these archers should fire at that group of Zombies when they get in range”. Without that kind of control, I feel like even six-hour turns could be difficult to deal with.

Then again, I was always a real-time NP player.


In my opinion, the amount you can queue orders just changes the type of strategy you can deploy. For me personally, the only goal is a turn based option. I’d rather play a Blight game I can check once a day with there being no advantages to me checking it a second time that day. Even if it meant the strategy I used in turn based (take a 6 hour turn to get to a village 1 hour away) was vastly different than how orders were given in real time based games (stop at 3 different villages in those 6 hours).