Turn Event Sequence

Unsure if this is intentional or not, so posting under Bugs.

If your fleet arrives at an enemy planet on the same turn as a Weapons upgrade is completed, the battle will still use the old Weapons Tech Level.

Similarly, If you unlock Banking on the same turn as a new Cycle, you will still only get the old Banking value for that cycle.

The reason I’m posting under Bugs is because in the Event log, things are presumably ordered from New to Old, and the Research upgrades always occur before the Battle or before the Cycle messages. That makes me think that the new Tech values should be used in all subsequent events, but they are not.

Either this is intentional and the messages should probably be re-ordered, or the Tech values should be applied before any subsequent events even if they’re on the same turn. (IMHO)

Thanks Jay!

I’m surprised no-one has replied to this. The order of events is in the FAQ:

  1. All carriers move, and if they complete a jump they do garrison transfers.
  2. There is a combat at every star with enemy carriers in orbit. The winner claims the star.
  3. Industry then produces new ships.
  4. Each player conducts research.
  5. If this is the last tick of a galactic cycle, players earn money, then scientists conduct experiments.
  6. The game tests to see if anybody has won.

Combat occurs before research so if they both happen the same turn, the combat happens without the research upgrade. Just as ships are produced after the combat so new ships at a star don’t take part in the battle (and will be produced for whoever wins).

However, banking should pay out more if the upgrade happens on the last tick of the cycle.

The FAQ is somewhat out of date. Read this thread, and also the thread that it references.

Your turn order just adds a little extra detail, the basic sequence is the same.

Thanks Steve, I must have missed it!