Turn Sequence


Sorry if this is covered somewhere but I searched the forum and the codex and couldn’t find it.

Does anyone know what order events take when a tick happens? I am fairly sure that combat is resolved before tech advances happen becuase I’ve seen battle reports on the same tick as a weapons advance.

But I want to know about other things, like do carriers drop before they pickup? So when two carriers arrive at the same time, one is dropping and one is collecting, will the collector collect the dropper’s drops? I think that this does happen from experience, but I’m not sure.

Another one would be is combat resolved before or after a star produces ships?

It would be great to see the entire turn sequence so I can better predict the outcome of events. I think I remember seeing Jay explain it a while ago but cant find the post; it might have been before the forum when we discussed stuff on that google page or whatever it was.

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Production IS after combat.



EDIT: Ignore the below outdated Info.

A tid bit not covered in the FAQ. The order of carrier transfers is by carrier identifier. Each carrier has it’s own hidden identifier which is chosen upon creation and in ascending order.

If you have two carriers arriving at the same star, one dropping and the other picking up it will do the orders based on this internal identifier starting with the older carrier (lowest identifier). In other words, it will only sometimes work as you want.


This is no longer true. Drop actions now ALWAYS happen before collects. @Dysp coded this several months ago I believe.


Wow, nice! Glad that was finally changed, if it has! :slight_smile:


Great thanks for all that info, not sure how I missed that section of the FAQ, thanks to Valhallen for pointing that out


I didn’t know this. Blooming clever!


Has anyone here thoroughly tested the ship dropping and fleet order priority mechanics?

In a current game I had a situation where a large carrier had [Travelling -> Drop all but 6000] and 4 new carriers on the target of the first had [Drop All, Drop All, Drop All, Collect 6000] followed by various movement. The DropAllButX and CollectX were on the same turn. The idea was to split the large 30k fleet into smaller equally sized fleets.

The result was 4 single ship fleets flying at my enemy :expressionless:

Also, when does Garrison happen? It can drop or collect. It would be best if it happened in the middle. Drops -> Garrisons -> Collections.


…I like your maths puzzle, but it’s hard to confirm without seeing it all in game. The “4 new carriers on the target of the first had [Drop All, Drop All, Drop All, Collect 6000] followed by various movement” riddle was my favorite bit :astonished:

I can confirm since the code change went live that I’ve never had a problem with drop / collect ordering, but perhaps I haven’t tried anything so complicated.