Turn submission during end-game


There seems to be some problems with submitting turns during end game on large 32 player maps.

Current game: http://triton.ironhelmet.com/gameu/6270230685810688

Trying to submit returns the generic code 500 error page after 1 minute 1 second: “Error: Server Error…The server encountered an error and could not complete your request…Please try again in 30 seconds.” Though the game UI similarly displays the red “Error Contacting Server” box.

I’ve had this problem on another large map I played but cannot remember the particulars.


Another interesting thing, the UI updates to say “Submitted” before the request comes back as successful. It should probably wait before updating.


The logs say it’s exceeding its deadline.

Is this game trying to jump 24 hours in a turn?

I’ll have a think about how to fix it.


Yeah, 24h deadline. 24h jumps. ~1k stars, ~1k carriers, 2 active players, 1 AI player.

The other active player has had trouble submitting turns as well.


I’ve tried to drop the jump down to 12 hours. See if that help.


I think if that doesn’t work we’ll call it a draw! :slight_smile:


Sounds like some more optimizations are needed somewhere ?


So far it always works if you wait long enough. When the deadline passes the turn will be processed eventually. The problem only pop ups when submitting turns.


Thats because its only trying to run the ticks when you try and run the turns.