Turnbased ticks - Help! kind of urgent but not really... but yes


I have a very specific problem, I search for the answer in forum, FAQ & Help, but I was not able to find or understand this mechanic:

¿When 8h turn happens, are there 8ticks very fast or it’s a big single tick with a 8 multiplier?
I have this… a Carrier 12 ticks away from enemy star, and a Weapon research 11 ticks from now… the turn is 8 ticks long ¿Anybody knows what will happen?

In turn based games, the game is effectively paused between turns. When a turn cycles it progresses the number of ticks, then pauses again for the turn timer. So in your case, 8 Ticks happen one after the other on the server, then the end result is displayed to all players.

Each tick happens, so your weapons research will complete before the carrier lands and battle takes place.


Thanks for explaining this @Brian_Flowers

thank you very much Sir… I thing this clarification should be somewhere in the manual… even as a footnote