Tweak to the Intel graphs

It’s probably been discussed before, but the actual information I want on the graphs is:

  • shipmaking capacity (ie, the rate shown when you click on a player - instead of separate industry and manufacturing graphs)
  • total income (instead of economy and banking)
  • total research (science + experimentation, instead of those individually)

Perhaps there were specific reasons for the current choices, but I find myself flipping back and forth between several graphs a lot.

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Yeah good points.

I have plans to replace banking and experimentation techs with new techs that enhance your infrastructure like manufacturing does. I will add these options then.

I must admit I never look at the tech graphs, I’m mostly interested the basic infrastructure stats and how fast the total ship count is climbing.

There’s good info in the intel charts … I hope you keep those around - adds a lot to the game.

Especially in Dark Galaxy games knowing who’s attacking who.

Oh yeah, I didnt mean to suggest the charts would go anywhere. I would be adding more info.

I also want to see when players go AFK on them.