Twitch Streaming Blight


Me and some buddies are about to fire up a 6 player map and I’m thinking I’ll live stream the game. I think it’d be a great way to get some more visibility out for this game.


Post the link buddy :smiley:


Hope to see it.


So my buddy decided to put it up. This is our current game, The Barrens. There’s only 5 of us, despite it being a 6 player map.


Streamer here, just wanted to apologize for any time the stream drops. I’m new to twitch and working around the house.


Pulled the stream down for a bit. I’ll bring it back up soon


Shoot me an email and I fix you up with some free coins as thanks for helping show off the game.

Did you get a community badge?


Great, thanks! I sent you community badges and some hero coins!