So, I’m in a game where two empires appear to be controlled by the same player.



While red has been taking light blue’s stars, neither of them have been losing ships.

Does this happen a lot? Am I just late to the game? Am I missing some other logical explanation?

Could also be an ally gifting their stars - what does the ranking and map look like? Can blue still potentially finish 2nd place?

But it doesn’t happen a lot I’d say, so you’re right to be curious.

I’ve done that before, given stars to an ally to ensure a win in the top 2 spots. But that seems rather excessive for blue/red.

I’d say it’s rather suspicious if blue’s tanking in the ranks as a result of this.

Light blue is not in any position to take second:

Four humans left in an eight player game, one handing over stars like that where otherwise both would have ranked? Definitely suspicious. Two allies at 40 stars each in an eight player would probably be able to simply cooperate and dominate and take 1-2.

How does there tech compare? Are new techs moving over crisply? Also, has the giving up stars really pumped either econ or banking suggestive of a cash cow for the leading player?

No, not now, but he was- they were probably 1 and 2 at one point if they both started around 40? Hell, blue was probably in the lead?

I’d be curious to see what Jay can see on the back end about login in times, whether the two players have actually exchanged messages…

This smells funky.

Light Blue is just acting as a buffer for Red:

Game ID:

Techs are either in lockstep or blue is flatlined:



There was a point when they were each at 40 stars, yes:


I’m not a duckologist, but it does quack like a duck.

I agree. JeNoVa looks like a throwaway account, too. 0 victories, 1 rank, 0 renown.

How do you check accounts from outside of a game?

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I also am curious about how you knew his stats.

the theory seems a bit extreme, but why would two players be the same player? i don’t see any logic behind it. i am trying to helo lord davo and hopefully we can eliminate both of them soon.

faihasan, I’m not giving up, and you’ve been a good ally in several games, but I don’t see any way we can unseat red/blue.

The game link’s posted above. You can look at JeNoVa stats from there.

I’m personally skeptical that you’d invite a real life friend to a game, partner with him in a public match, be cruising for 1 and 2, and then stab him in the back like that but that he still plays nice with you, not lash out, not AFK…

Tech stayed lockstep after stars started going… both messaging within a short time of each other on two different occasions… Making a deal normally means both gain some advantage, not that one gets knocked down to last place from the top.

Anyway, doesn’t pass my sniff test personally, but that means nothing.

I think you are being sarcastic, but I can’t resist. Having 2 accounts and their resources VS only 1 which is allowed is a clear and huge advantage especially in 8 player games. If you get them close to each other is even better. There is no negotiations, no trust issues, you can leave borders open etc.

But they both have 0 victories and both low rank so at least they/him/her have not been successful at it. Just gang up and give it to them! :wink:

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It still seems fishy to me, but the old adage may apply: don’t attribute to maliciousness what stupidity may explain.


Sounds like the answer to me…

Something in me dislikes friends joining the game with the assumption they will help each other out. It’s kind of like going from one game to the next with the same allies… I know everyone does that to some degree or another, hence the concern for reputation.

But, at a certain point, it feels like it has too many similarities to the 1 player, 2(+) accounts issue.