The smaller one should be easy to KO, leaving the larger player without anyone to trade technologies with.
The current phase of the galaxy may still be relevant for the research Experimental bonuses.
The major opposition empire with the most science will need to dedicate research towards weapons to trade with the opposition alliance.

All that intel establishes is that a player is ceding stars to another player. That happens all the time. So its an ally bowing out in favour of ensuring their ally wins. Thats what it is. If you want to work out if its actually a 2nd account doing that. You need too look at their stats, look at their messages, like whether the two tend to reply at the same time, talk similar, etc. The Intel screenshots are unnecessary, watching the game unfold should tell you whether its an ally or the same player on a 2nd account. Stating “this ally ceding stars is a bit suspicious because:” is how you’d put it. Im sure Jay could check IP addresses to see if both accounts are logged in on the same Internet through different browsers. But he either doesn’t, or when he does check its usually not.

Get yourself some better allies, and you’ll get to enjoy that treatment too. Or offer them a badge and or renown to do that for you, and they sometimes will. My advice would he to ditch the 8 player games, and join us in 64s where real Neptune’s pride happens.