Two homestars


I created a new game with few stars and 32 players. At first I started with only 4 planets and 2 bot-players in my neighbourhood with 8 and 10 stars. So I decided to try again and this time I got 10 planets. But it looks like I got the homeworld star from one of my neighbours. I have two stars with starting industry, economy built to 5 and science built to 1. I think there are not enough stars for all players. So some stars are assigned to several players.


When you are creating a game, and set the Galaxy type = Custom, it will reveal a Custom Galaxy text box that allows you to enter an array of home star coordinates. The “?” icon will give you this help file.

Custom galaxies allow Premium players to adjust many parameters for easy or difficult play. It is possible to design galaxies that are unplayable or have some unfairness built in.

TYPICALLY, but not always, games and galaxies that play well could have the following rules of thumb.

Jay’s Star Scatter algorithm will remove stars that are too near each other. This can sometimes create gaps in the galaxy at random locations.
If the setting is 8 [stars per player], then home star distances could be 8 LY [Close] apart.
If the setting is 32 [stars per player], then home star distances could be 16 LY [Far] apart.
YMMV. Tune and adjust star density for personal taste.

Star density is affected by [Stars per Player] and [Starting Distance] and/or your [custom home star positions]. In a lower star density galaxy, it is a good idea to raise the starting Scanning tech and HR tech.

Player [Starting Stars] should usually be set to less than [Stars per Player] in the galaxy.

When there are less players in a game, then the victory conditions should be higher. If there are 2 players in a game, then 50% stars captured for victory is not the best plan, but is playable.

Premium players might be more dedicated, but everyone has different skill levels.

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