Typo or Bug?


The Tinker and the Bounty Hunters both say they earn 0 gold for their respective actions, was curious if this is a bug,typo or placeholder til it has been set up.


Thanks. I just fixed up the Bounty Hunters and The Tinkers.

I also improved the Tinkers ability so that he specifically didn’t have to burn the bodies to get the gold, now he can just be a member of a larger army.

I also improved them. Bounty Hunters earn 2 gold for every kill and Tinkers 3 for every body burnt.


Also, thanks for logging the bugs. I’ve zapped some extra credits into your account.


Happy to help :smiley: remember playing this back when it used sort of a token/coin system and it was awesome then and it has only gotten better, glad to have the ability / time to play this again