Typos in help texts for "Create Game"

Hi, reading the help texts on “Create Game”, i have found a few typos i thought to let you know about:

Formal Alliances:

To end a Formal Alliance, a player must declare war, and them (then) must wait 24 ticks before stars can be captured once more.

Build Warpgates:

Enable this option to allow platers (players) to build them in orbit of their stars.

Random Gates:

…there is a 30% chance of a gate at a star
(no period at the end of the sentence)

Dark Galaxy:

You’ll not not (not) know where you are in the galaxy, or where you are in relation to the other players until you launch your carriers and explore the surrounding space.

Galaxy Type:

The radius of the circle will grow so that each () the Starting Distance setting is honored.
In a random hex galaxy, each players (player’s) home stars (star) steps the Starting Distance in a a random 60 degrees from the previous player.

Starting Stars:

The number of stars in each players empire at the start of the game
(no period at the end of the sentence)

Starting Cash:

The amount of galactic credits you begin the game with
(no period at the end of the sentence)

Starting Ships:

Configure how many ships are already built at each of your starting stars
(no period at the end of the sentence)

Development Cost:

Cheap development costs (cost) is half the price of Standard development. Expensive development is twice the price.

Research Cost:

You can configure how much (a) new tech level costs to develop, or even disable a field of research.

Nitpicky, i know, but that’s just me…
Awesome game by the way!

Not nictpicky at all. Thanks for the notes. I have corrected them all but it might be a day or two before they hit the server.

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I think i saw some more typos on other help pages, will post those findings as i get the time for it.
It’s a pleasure to help, even if it’s just a tiny contribution.

You can feel free to email me directly so that my embarrassing typos don’t live forever in the forums!



Ehem… wilco! Sorry, that was not my intention… (blush)

Haha that’s OK. Was just joking. :slight_smile: