Ultra 64 - Daily diary - take 2 - Feedback requested

For those interested - this is my second game where I did a daily diary. I tried a different format and would be interested in response to which is more fun/entertaining to watch:

Gray Fox (game 2) - https://youtu.be/WJwOuYvIcFY

Original Gray Ghost (game 1) by contrast - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPnjCdGq6tjefwhQJWim8aafs5INii60P

Also - how to group them. If each day is 2-3min long - I first grouped by week or so which made sense. Then tried daily which was WAY too time consuming. Then just did the whole darn thing as one video. Curious as to feedback on length.


As a newcomer, I found these really useful. Thanks!

And no problem for me with having them as one long video.

idk about the ultra 64 daily diary except that they are great!
but an idea i had was it might be interesting to make smaller videos with not so ultra 8 player games.