Ultra 64 - Daily Diary video coming

Hello all -
I just wanted to reach out to the Neptunes Pride community to see if I could get your support for a YouTube daily diary I’m creating for my current NP 64 player Ultra Game. Check it out and if you don’t mind, if you subscribe to the channel I’ll continue adding little shorts until the game is over, then I’ll post the entire thing. With a few minutes a day of what I’m thinking, why I’m making the decisions I am, etc. Always interesting to see the thought process of another player from a different perspective. (I hope) But check it out and let me know!

My video description is:
This is a preview of a daily diary I’m creating to the game “Neptune’s Pride” .
This is the epic 64 player Ultra mode that last for a couple months. At this point, it is day 14 as I’m just launching my assault on one of the other power houses in the game. All in fun. Stay tuned for the entire epic story that is unfolding.


We need some good videos out there, so I look forward to seeing yours! I’m curious to see if you will go for the strategic or tactical side of things in your videos, but either way, I’m along for the ride.