Unable to build Carrier?


Perhaps there is an explanation, but I can’t find it in the rulebook. I’ve just taken a star (from a quitted player), but it won’t let me build a new carrier. (I can at my two other stars, but that would cost significantly more time).

Thanks in advance!

Not quite sure. You need either at least one ship there to build a carrier or either one industry at least. I believe it is the first.

Thanks for the quick reply. That would explain it. I’ll build at the other star then

Perhaps a modest suggestion: Add to the rulebook?

What about a new heading along these lines for the “Hyperspace Carriers” entry in the Codex:

Building Carriers

A carrier may be built on any star which has at least one ship available to become flagship of the new fleet. When a carrier is built, this first ship is automatically transferred from the star’s garrison to the carrier.

I really think this should be added to the FAQ. It’s always being asked.

ok, will do both!