Unable to join user created game

A friend signed up, paid his dues, started a private game, and invited a few of us to play.

Unfortunately, nobody can bring his game up, due to a bug in the client side Javascript for processing the results.

In colossus.1068.min.js on line 2624, the search results are being grabbed, and I can see they’re being retrieved correctly in the debugger. However, on the next line (2625) where it’s calling the initGame() function, it’s failing with the following error:

[Error] TypeError: e.initGame is not a function. (In ‘e.initGame(o)’, ‘e.initGame’ is undefined)
onSearchForGameResponse (colossus.1068.min.js:4:26796)
dispatch (jquery.min.js:3:6061)
handle (jquery.min.js:3:2836)
trigger (jquery.min.js:3:5169)
(anonymous function) (jquery.min.js:3:11008)
each (jquery.min.js:2:2882)
each (jquery.min.js:2:823)
trigger (jquery.min.js:3:10981)
trigger (colossus.1068.min.js:2:2217)
onServerRequestSuccess (colossus.1068.min.js:4:19125)
j (jquery.min.js:2:26682)
fireWith (jquery.min.js:2:27491)
x (jquery.min.js:4:10524)
(anonymous function) (jquery.min.js:4:14161)

From what I can see, while there is an initGame() function, it’s out-of-scope at line 2625, so it fails miserably.

My buddy is bummed out that he’s paid for this, and can’t invite any of his friends to play. We’ve verified the error in Safari, Chrome, and Edge. It would be great if you could debug and fix this. Thanks.


Thanks for the excellent bug report @Yaztrom.

The problem is that I move where initGame was and missed that call. I think I have fixed it.

Apologies to you and your buddy.

It would be a huge help if you could give it a try and let me know if its fixed now.

Fantastic. Works perfectly now. I’ll alert the other players, and will let you know if any of them continue to have issues.

Always happy to help our a fellow developer; thanks for the quick response!