Understanding the AI

Alright, so I am trying to figure out some of the aspects of the AI after a player has either been kicked for inactivity, or been taken over by the AI. Does the first mean that the player can no longer join the game? Does that mean that the process is, after 42 hours in the first round you get placed under AI control, then after 72 hours you get permanently banned from the game? If that’s the case is there any logic to placing your empire under AI control if you can’t check in the game during the work day but do at the beginning and end of it? Also, do AI then attack at night when you cannot respond because of pesky human needs?

Thanks for the answers.

Once the AI takes over (because the player went AFK or quit), the player can’t ever come back. Also the AI is bad so you wouldn’t want them to, especially as they destroy all gates when they turn AI.

They can attack whenever, but it is generally more a reactive attacker than proactive.

You can also buy off AI relatively easy and then they won’t ever attack you: trade them techs or cash until they are in a positive relation to you. They’ll trade back techs if you are positive. When positive, they’ll never attack.

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I really appreciate your response! That answers most of my questions!