Undo button

I just bought a science for $114, but it cost me almost all my income and gave me 2. That detected “double click” cost me HUGE. I’m switching the mouse I use just for this game now but if there is any way to undo purchases before they go “live” that would be amazing. If I had $19 less (and was unable to buy that 2nd science) I’d be so much further ahead!

An undo feature would also make planning easier. For example:

Research will be done in 18 hours… lets see if I buy 2 more science if it will complete before the end of the cycle. Nope? Undo.

Its possible to look at the numbers and math it out but this would make it easier, especially from a phone.

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I would really love to go back and improve this soon. I will make sure it it somewhere close to the top of the todo list for proteus!

Thanks Philerr and Jay. I’ve tried several mouse over the last year and they all seem worse than those available 10-15 years ago. Clicks and double-clicks are a real problem.

I like my Razer Chroma, but I do have to buy a new one every 2 years or so.

If it’s easier than an undo (for now) how about just showing how many you’d buy with the bulk upgrade on the confirmation screen?

Spend $500 on Industry…

You will buy 4 industry for $500, are you sure?

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