Unplayable starting position on default 8 player turnbased


I just joined this common 8 player turn based game, and the star position I am in is isolated except from 1 star.

Not exactly the kind of start you want a new player, or any player, of the game to have! Would cause them to quit in a hurry.


I’ve seen this happen multiple times before.

Personally, after building an initial setup, I’d do a simple “flood fill” at the starting jump range to see that there’s rough equality between the players (maybe not more than a factor of two?) and keep recreating galaxies until one gets one with rough parity.

That would reduce the number of games where 1 or 2 players are essentially out of the race (okay, have a much smaller chance of winning) before the game begins.


right, I will tighten this up a little.


Yeah, we seem to have run into something similar in a 6 player turn-based game. One player is isolated (even with Scanning 2), while I have 3 frontiers to (fail to) defend. http://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/6541852001959936

In this case, I think the isolated player actually has an unfair advantage, as he has 22 stars to himself - more than any other player.


Interesting, I wonder it will really serve them well to be isolated. Also I can’t see the game, it won’t let outsiders view the stars.

Also, in my game I have managed to take the lead!!!: http://imgur.com/73IXwrn

My little island nation has grown steadily into an empire.


Oh, one weird dynamic to mention in these games, with dark galaxy. I wanted to ally with him, but without knowing where he was situated in the galaxy, it’s kind of hard - he could turn out to be right next to me.

Finally with Scanning 3 he can see one other player, so now we know where he is.


Nigh unplayable map start again! This time, 1 of my stars started out unreachable by the rest, and my main territory has only 2 stars that can be reached. I can’t reach blue’s territory w/ hyper range 1.

Seems unfair.

(game link for admin http://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/5310204113584128)