Updated Buccaneers Coming Soon!

Hey All,

I just wanted to give you a heads up about changes to 4 or the 15 buccaneers. All the changes are upgrades to weak units, (no nerfs) so they will be automatically be applied to all games currently running.

The new buccaneers should be available in your games tomorrow morning!
(About 12 hours from now. )

  1. The grappler now, not only prevents units from moving, but also prevents them from upgrading! That means you won’t be able to buy cannons, armour, or health after you have been grappled! Yikes!

  2. The Spyer has become the Chipper, and will now take 2 from a attacked enemies Armour! You can now whittle down those Colossal ships that build up near the end of the game!

  3. The Blocker is now called the Dredger, and when a ship is destroyed in combat, the dredger drags the sunken ship from the bottom of the ocean into its own hex to fight for you!

  4. The scoper now sees 4 hexes instead of 3. Also settlements now default to seeing 2 hexes instead of 1.

Edit: Also forgot to say. Thanks to all the play testers that have helped use get the game this far!

Go Go Go!

But will they still only work if they get paid in endangered species and weed?

yes. Thats “sea weed” btw.


Excellent changes! Loving the grappler and Spyer changes, will make fighting more engaging rather than just a case of who has the bigger ship.

One question about the dredger, what’s stats will the revived ship have?

No change to the attack and armour, but will be health 1.

It might be too powerful, we might have to nerf this guy a little after playtesting.

Interesting, kinda makes it a hard decision about whether to use the chipper or not as you don’t want to whittle armour down to then dredge up a ship with no armour.

Looking forward to testing it out.

Great choices! Rock on!

I love the changes being made here - especially the first 3. I know I’ll be using them. I’ve not cared much for additional line of site thusfar, only because of how expensive the buccaneers get.

I thought the image looked like Coral, so in my head I just refer to it as “coral”

Quick question about the Chipper, it’s armor reduction is factored in AFTER the attack not before right?

Yes, after the attack, but not after the combat.