Updated MP Maps


There are a few updated MP maps today to try out.

We’ve decided to go in a different direction with Tournaments, rather than having Teams race for victory on the same map. So I’ve updated Celestial Pools and Watering Hole to make them fully co-op and united the two sides. Check them out!

Celestial Pools

Watering Hole

We’ve also updated the old Barren Plateau map to make it more difficult (yep those are Zombie dragons)!

Let us know how you go!


Here’s a game of the updated Celestial Pools: https://blight.ironhelmet.com/#/game/5666386294603776


One spot left in this game!


I’m in a Barren Plateau normal mode and have to say the difficulty is refreshing! Feels very intense where the old version just seemed to be a rush to middle to stop the spread. Haven’t engaged with the Dragons yet but around 5000 - 6000 strong zombie dragons are moving out now around the map


Open position in Normal Mode Barren Plateau. It’s 2 days into the game, 3 days since Zombies first moved.


Brand new Watering Hole normal if anyone wants to join


Apparently our group is the first one to win Barren Plateau on Nightmare. Nothing like seeing 11 undead dragons bear down on you…


Haha good one! How did you deal with them?


All the big swarms headed the same direction, making them easy to CC with swamp witches. While they were kept busy, the rest of us eliminated the hordes heading towards us then began siphoning all our gold to the teammates near the big hordes. They basically militarized their whole population.


Nice, sounds like good team work!


That and some crazy footwork. At one point I had a bridge witch surrounded on 4-5 sides by zombies, who managed to escape alive by threading the needle.