User accounts

I may just be missing this, but is there any way to relate to other user’s accounts? Example: I played a game with a random player and enjoyed it, now I want to “friend” them and play with them again.

Other example (true story)" My roommate’s cousin saw me playing Triton and asked what it was. Now he is playing it and wants to play with me.

Is there any way to message accounts or “friend” people?


There is, currently, no in game friends system. You will need to send them the game URL if you want them to join the same game as you.

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I think this game could use a better friends system. Some people might want to talk to another player to discuss some game rules they would like for a custom game with their friends. They can also discuss strategy before joining or creating a game. A real life friend is easy to talk to but a friend in the game there is no way of communicating without playing in the same game as them. Sending personal messages to other players through the account screen and adding players to a friends list would be nice. The only way I can think of where you can message someone outside of the game is through this forum. I haven’t tried an allied game yet and I think it would be fun with a better friend system to decide who to team up with before the game. If you don’t have an ally at the start of the game your pretty much screwed.