Very First Test of Colossus


Hi Folks,

Some of you might know I have been working on a new third game in my spare time. It’s a very simple game, more simple than NP even at this stage. I’m kind of thinking of it as Neptune’s Pride meets Settlers of Catan or Civilisation.

I would really like some help testing it even though it’s very rough. It has only placeholder graphics and lots of confusing screens and broken features becuase it was hacked together on top of Blight.

It might be fun, but there is a good chance it won’t be too. There is also a good chance the game will crash.

But If you are interested in our next game, and don’t mind bugs, I would love your help trying it out. Please sign up below and I’ll email you a URL

The game is only turn based, so I would like to start some small 4 player games that runs for a few weeks with everybody doing a few turns a day, but I would also like to try some games with everybody online at the same time (say business hours here in AU)

Oh also, there is no victory conditions yet. The objectives of this test game should be to beat each other up. I want to see how the combat plays out.

There is also no tutorial of course, if things are too confusing I might have to make a video.

Just like a good boardgame - I want to try and fit the rules for Colossus on one page. Here they are.

In colossus you build Giants (armies) and send them out to explore the map, expand your empire, and exterminate your enemies.

Right now there are no victory conditions, but I would like to have more than one and let players choose their path to victory.

Giants cannot move through sea or mountain hexes.
Giants cannot move across the zone of control of other giants.
To attack another Giant, simply move into its hex. You will deal damage equal to your attack strength.
When a Giants health is 0 it is removed from the board.
If you move two of your Giants into a single hex, their health is merged. You cannot later split giants.
When A Giant deals a killing blow, its own attack increases by 2.

Giants can spend resources to build new Outposts in Field hexes.

Outposts can spend resources to be upgraded to Villages.
Villages can be upgraded to Cities.
Cities to Fortresses.

Outposts do not gather resources.
Villages gather 1 resource from each of the surrounding hexes.
Cities gather 2 resources.
Fortresses 3.

Fields produce Food
Forests produce Wood
Mountains produce Stone
Hills produce Metal
Pools produce Mana.
Seas and Deserts do not produce resources.

Hexes with Giants standing in them do not produce resources.

All settlements can summon new Giants as long as there is no giant already standing in the settlement.

You can buy and sell resources at the market, but you can also trade with other players where you might get a better deal.

The map wraps around, so all players have potential enemies on all sides.

Just like Neptune’s Pride, forging relationships with the other players will be key to your success so don’t be shy, contact the other players, propose an alliance and work together to conquer world!

Some detail about the turn sequence.

  • Giants build new outposts.
  • Existing outposts build their upgrades.
  • Resources Are Harvested from Surrounding Hexes.
  • Giants Attack.
  • Giants Move.
  • Giants Capture Enemy Settlements.
  • New Giants are Summoned at Settlements.


Can i be the Dwarves?


cough a little typo there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I would love to sign up, this looks fun and i love Settlers of Catan


Sign me up!


May I get in please :relieved:?
(saw the link on Twitter)


Sounds nice, Sign me up too!


I’ll try it! :slight_smile: I love these kinds of games, and the social aspects as well


I’m definitely in. I love settlers, but would love to see it with a better combat component.


Question: Can this be reasonably played/tested if i’m only online for 1-2 times a day (bit busy this week)?
If so, sign me up! It sounds really interesting!

Also, i’m curious how you manage the time component. Unlike blight and NP, this game is turnbased. Does that mean that every x hours another turn ticks by, or only when all players declared ready, or a combination thereof?

EDIT: also also, will alliance victories be an option? (though presumably thats still in flux). I like the idea of NP, but the lack of solid alliances can drive me through the wall from stress from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:


Would love to try this. Sighing up.


Yes, the idea is that some games can be played as slow at Neptune’s Pride or Blight, but if you want, and are online with friends, you can play a whole game in a single session.

Yes, but each player will have a deadline. 24 hours for a slow game, or perhaps 5 minutes for a fast game.

If you miss three turns in a row you will be kicked for inactivity.

I will try and make some improvements to the automatic hosted games over the weekend, then I will make the URL public for anybody to join games and help test.


I’ve been contemplating a game like this from Iron Helmet, actually, so forgive me if I end up being overzealous a bit :sweat: at some point.


Dang, I missed this. Count me in for round two.

  1. “Field” is a green hex?
  2. Will a hex that is adjacent to two villages yield resources for each adjacent village?
  3. How long does Summoning take?
  4. What is a Hero? Why can I move a Hero without a Giant?


lol is the “something” perk random or nothing?


a turn it looks like


Sigh, looks like I missed the cut for this. If there’s ever a second game, let me know. It sound interesting.


Don’t count yourself out yet. I haven’t received any mails either, and Jay said it would be during the weekend. So it’s possible he simply hasn’t send the mails yet :slight_smile:


he wants to run a game with everyone playing at once and with chat it seems because there is a lot of the game missing


If there are more tester positions open, please send me an invite. Thank you